Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guest Blogger (Louise N. Baker)

5 Great Websites For Surveyors

Surveyors are professionals who perform a vast amount of measurement and documentation about
the world around us. They work with land, air space and water areas, providing descriptions and accurate information about the earth which could then be used in deeds and legal documents or as a basis for construction of commercial or residential properties.

Although surveying may be considered as one of the oldest professions, it is still a must for surveyors to be up to date with advancing technologies and news in their field, and so here is a list of 5 great websites for different kinds of surveyors.

Land Surveyors - The Surveyors notebook

The Surveyors notebook website is written and maintained by Larry VanOsdol. It covers a wide variety of the aspects of Land Surveying such as field equipment, safety, standards and ethics, as well as personal accounts of the challenges of being a Land Surveyor. He also maintains a Surveyor's Reference page which has links to educational materials related to surveying.

Larry VanOsdol is a retired Land Surveyor licensed in the states of Indiana and Illinois.

Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors - The Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors

The Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors (AAI&S) website is a great resource for professional archeological surveyors as well as those aspiring to get into the profession. Although it is based in the UK, they have become an international body for professional archaeological illustration and survey, aiming to set standards within the profession and to promote these standards within the archaeological world at large. They maintain a publication site which lists Journals, Technical
Papers, and news reports related to the field of Archeological Surveying.

Bathymetric Surveyors - Geo Community

Although they are mainly an e-commerce website, Geo Community offers a lot of information about a wide variety of topics such as imagery sources, imaging software, and related hardware. They also feature latest industry news and publications, postings for job opportunities, as well as providing a way to interact with other surveyors in their community discussion boards.

Geo Community is maintained by the Mindsites Group, which owns and operates e-commerce websites
supporting technical professionals.

Hydrographic surveyors - International Federation of Hydrographic Societies

International Federation of Hydrographic Societies is a non-profit organization which is a partnership of national and regional hydrographic societies. They are recognized throughout the world for promoting the development of hydrography and hydrographic learning. The website is updated frequently with related news reports and schedules of conferences from all over the world related to the hydrographic surveying profession.

Soil Surveyors - World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue

World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue, or WOSSAC, is one
of the facilities of the National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI). Their aim is to become a main source for endangered soil survey reports, maps, imagery and photographs and other relevant materials of the last 80 years from 250 territories worldwide, so they are a good reference for those trying to locate old survey documents for comparison studies.

This post was written by Louise Baker. Louise is a freelance writer who primarily writes about online schools for ZenCollegeLife. She most recently wrote about becoming a dental assistant.

Friday, June 11, 2010

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