Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ask me about my fortune, seriously,.. do you KNOW what residual income is?

Actors that get paid for reruns call it what is is, residuals.

  1. A payment made to a performer, writer, or director for each repeat showing of a recorded television show or commercial. Often used in the plural.

2. a payment (as to an actor or writer) for each rerun after an initial showing (as of a TV show)

How would you like to get paid like that - just for paying your monthly bills? That's how this works, you reroute the way you pay your bills a little bit, grab a couple more folks to do the same, and, wa-la!,.. you start generating residual income. Once you get the system up and running,.. all you do then is sit back and count the moneys.

Or,... you can really work it,.. and start counting the millions. Either way,.. it's a good deal.

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