Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State and the National Title

This is OBSCENE.

C'mon, Man, as they like to say on the Sunday Morning football show. Can ANYBODY explain to me how EVERYBODY has already got the Boise State Broncos penciled in for the National Title Game after ONE game in the College football season. Are you KIDDING me? Please, because Tyrod Taylor and the Va. Tech Chokies can't execute a two-minute drill, with 1:09 on the clock, and two time-outs in their pocket, Beamer and the running QB pushed the panic button. That's what I saw, did somebody else see anything differently than that.

Kellen Moore and his brethren didn't choke when they had 1:47 and NO time outs left, to complete an AWESOme little drive, and they needed a touchdown to go ahead, all the Chokies needed was a field goal to send the game to OT, where, you've got to believe, at least, in theory, that the Chokies might have pulled out a win. Since they've got the BEST running game in the country, RIGHT!

They (the Broncos) completed their National Title quest on that one drive, and vaulted Kellen Moore to Heisman Trophy finalist, and them into the National Title Game, while taking only 0:38 seconds off the clock.
They did get a fortuitous, and blatantly BAD call on a late hit that helped them, however, there was still plenty of time for the Chokies to get down the field, and go ahead, if they hadn't PANICKED,..

That's got to be the only explanation, the Chokies thought they had the game in hand, then went behind, how else do you explain,when they just needed 11 yards to get a first down, they heave-hoed two prayers at their best receiver, when you've got to believe they could have just dumped down and made the first downs they needed to get down the field,.. obviously, the Broncos have practiced the two minute drill, and it showed, the Chokies, however, don't seem to have practiced AT ALL leading up to this game, at least in the ways that matter, to a team with National Title aspirations, if you are to believe in Coach Beamer, that the chokies believe they have a good team is no doubt. I guess they thought all they had to do was show up, and they did, for little while in the second and third quarters, we had a real ball game, but when it came to closing the deal, Tyrod Taylor is NOT the man you want behind center to get you down the field quickly and efficiently for the tying or the winning score, I guess.

C'mon, MAN!!