Sunday, January 16, 2011


If you know me at all, you KNOW that I think Tom Brady is the bomb,.. however, I'm fixin' to be totally conflicted, as I always am, when the Patriots go against my Steelers,.. egads,.. best and worst case scenario, all in one,.. REALLY want Tom Terrific to get his 4th ring,.. for one, we need to quit sullying Tom Brady's good name with references to the choke artist,.. I don't think they should be mentioned in the same breath, or even the same article,.. I don't even like saying (writing) his name,.. ya'll know who I'm talking about, don't you.

 Anyway,.. there's the confliction,.. would also be great to see the Steelers get that 7th Lombardi,.. I really like what I heard that Mike Tomlin said to - I think it was Mendenhall, one of his running backs,.. when it was mentioned he wasn't getting his yardage, or something,.. Tomlin says",.. when I walk to my office in the morning, I'm not walking by "Rushing Titles",.. I walk by 5 Lombardi Trophy's,.. think this was before he got his first one,..

Anyway,..if Big Ben gets his third, before that other feller even *sniffs* his second,... maybe they'll start putting "Big Ben" and "Tom Terrific" comparisons up everywhere,..instead of, you know, the comparisons to the melonhead.