Saturday, July 2, 2011

Land Scaping Service to be ADDED!!! Draper Land Surveying & Landscaping Co., Inc.

Maybe we can call it Draper L Squared, or Draper to the L, or Draper LAND Services, I think I like that one,..

Draper LAND Services, Inc.

I think we'll start CUTTING your grass for our clients as well,.. most of them need cutting when we get there, anyway,.. we'll offer to cut the grass for $100.00 per acre, and we'll divide it down, so, if you have 0.25 acres, that'll cost you $25.00 for us to cut it when we got there,.. 0.35 acres = $35.00, 1/2 acre lot would cost you $50.00 to get it cut, we may even string along w/ a weedeater a bit, if you wanta offer us a little gratuity, as well, ya'll know how that lawn-mowin' gig is, it's a HOT ONE, but it sure does make a COLD beer taste a whole lot better.

If you're interested in this service, please let us know, or maybe hang a sign that says CUT ME!.

We could also continue mowing, I suppose, at the same rate, every week and a half, or so, until the property is out of your hands,..