Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's the Dream

This is the house that I've got picked out to build on our lot in Mt. Juliet, the lot, of course, I've surveyed in the past, and the current Site Plan I've created for it is below. Now, this is where we're going from here, I would love to become a force in the Land Surveying Business in the Mt. Juliet, Lebanon and Hermitage areas, basically, Wilson County, and parts of Davidson County, as this is where I've grown up for the most part, so, I'm now involved working on my Marketing, I guess you'd call it, for now I'm just posting this as references to all the different types of Surveys that I'm capable of, these include, of course, simple Lot Surveys and/or Fence Surveys, where folks just want to know where there Lot Lines are, mostly for building fences, which can be your bread and butter, however, I am also very capable and equipped to do Boundary Surveys, Topographic Surveys, ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys, have had a lot of experience at the Engineering Firm I worked at with Road Construction and Route Surveying for Government Agencies, Strip Topographic Surveys for Utility Companies, and another area I'm really looking to try and latch on the market for is Mortgage Loan Inspections or Mortgage Loan Surveys (we don't really like to use that term, as Surveyors, though) because as far as the Bank is concerned, it's all the same, but their terminology can be misleading to the General Public, and this is what the banks like to have any time there is a transfer of Real Property, but it's not truly a Survey, per se, as much as an Exhibit.


FaYe said...

wow!!! what a nice house!!!