Thursday, August 27, 2009

Leica Robotic Total Station

This is the robot that I'm getting, a Leica TPS1200+, linked above, and it's a sweet one. Fully contained, has a built-in antennae and internal batteries, Bluetooth Wireless Technology, with an Allegro Data Collector running Carlson Software, it's a perfect tool for a lone surveyor, the camera has been upgraded from previous versions, and I can actually run this, on an open site, faster than a conventional two-man crew. We used one a lot like if for the Lenoir City intersection job. That one was a little older version, the battery and radio for that one are both external ones, and you have to carry those around separate, what makes this one neat is all those parts are actually contained inside the station. So, I've printed my flyers, and today was partly marketing and partly meeting with my new favorite person, he's a financial guru that my step dad found that is maximizing his 401(k), this all AFTER the big crash, I think he was down in his like $100,000, and he's brought him, I think, all the way back from that and then some, in this market, that's saying a lot,. so,.. needless to say, I'm transferring my 401(k) over to his hands. That's what's been going on today, that and still building a marketing list.


SquirrelQueen said...

Stanley K. has a plan and it sounds like a really good one. Looking forward to hearing how everything works out for you. From what I can see you are most definitely on the right track.


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