Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peyton Manning - EGO-maniacal

what a friggin EGO this guy has,.. can you believe this - tell momma to hold the phone - Peyton decided NOT to come to Nashville 'cause he thought he would be too BIG of a deal here,.. this is Nashville, baby,.. MUSIC CITY, USA,.. we have REAL talent here,. not just folks that can choke away football championships,.. you know.

Okay, so, you're a Bronco now,.. you think THAT's not gonna be a fish-bowl,.. good luck with that,.. at least here you have QUITE a few stars to take the heat off, at least when it's not football season,..i'M PRETTY sure ALL that Denver has is the Broncos,.. while we actually have a few outside interests here in town besides Sunday afternoons,.. anyway, that's my take,.. gee whiz,.. can't WAIT - really hope we (the Titans) can get to the playoffs, at least long enough to knock the Broncos out at least ONCE over the next few years,.. that's gonna be my driving force,...