Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Peyton Manning to - the RAMS?!??!!

 Ya'll remember when Jeff Fisher pulled this particular stunt, don't you? So, not as crazy as it sounds,.. GAWD,..think I could get paid for this stuff, wouldn't you? I DO believe that's where our golden haired boy is gonna end up, think about it,.. you got to know he respects Fisher, and you know that goes both ways, hell, they probably got a secret love-child somewhere in Montana, don'tcha know.
Anyway, this makes god awful GREAT sense to me, and it should to you to, look at the case here,.. or I'll state it, then,
the Rams are WAY under the cap, and have exactly no offensive talent, Peyton could bring his slowly building entourage intact, he's already got Reggie Wayne with him, Dallas Clark, too, think Jeff Saturday's in, and who else did we hear, Garcon, the goober, believe he went ahead and resigned with the colts, no matter, got Steven Jackson, a BEAST, he's got at least this next  year to be good to go for,.. think how he'd be rejuvenated by the entourage,.. can you imagine, Peyton with a "punishing" running game,.. seriously,.. don't they also have the beginnings of a fair to middlin' O-line there, as well,.. they used to have the two biggest Tackles in the world,.. anyway,.. Saturday can get those boys in line pretty quickly,.. all that leaves is just a few tweaks here and there,.. on the defensive side of the ball, and what up?,.. who ya got,.. Jeff Fisher,.. pretty decent defensive mind there, on him,.. now that Gregg Williams won't be around to go all blitz wacky,.. think they may even have a legitimate shot at a ring, or three,..

Peyton, you've really got to give the Rams some serious, and I mean SERIOUS consideration,.. what ya'll think?

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