Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Ward Belmont College

Walking thru the print room today, I happened upon this old print of Ward Belmont College, circa 1924, this was a site plan done by Hart & Nevins (now HFR Design-where I work-if you've been paying attention),.. there were some others there, but this one caught my attention, and reading up a bit on it, I had thought originally that this was a print of Belmont College, (now University), and it actually is, partly, at the time, though, this was a women's college called Ward Belmont, since moved and renamed Harpeth Hall, an all girl's school here in Nashville in the Green Hills area, anyway, thought I'd share it with ya'll. Read on, faithful one,..

I believe, based on the maps that I've gotten, that the Ward Belmont portion of Belmont University was in that south-westerly quad there (Campus Map has South straight up-),.. there at the corner of Portland and Belmont Boulevard seems to be where this site was. It's hard to tell from the Aerial that I can pull up here, but it seems like there's something else there now, cause it doesn't look like it did then.

Excerpt from the Wikipedia article, which is linked above, tells us that this site is NOW Belmont University.

"In 1951, under financial constraints, Ward-Belmont's campus was sold to the Tennessee Baptist Convention. The campus was used to establish Belmont College (now Belmont University). A new, modern, non-residential girls' high school, Harpeth Hall School, was established on the Estes estate in the affluent Green Hills section of Nashville to take the place of Ward-Belmont."

Actually, the Ward Belmont College portion shown here is across the street from the Main Campus at Belmont.

Ft. Negley in Color

One of our surveyors today was telling me how he had the plot of Ft. Negley up at his house on the wall, in color, thought I'd make a copy for ya'll here. He worked on it, and liked it well enough to hang it in his home office.

Friday, May 8, 2009

NAS Atlanta

Windy Hill Annex to the Naval Air Station at Altlanta, Ga., I guess, is the way the military sees this sight, not a lot of web presence. The square whole to the south is the FAA Radar site.