Saturday, August 20, 2011

dammit man,..

The InFERNAL Revenue Service is at me again,.. after paying them schmo's OVER $5000.00 dollars this year,.. they say, it's STILL not ENOUGH<... you're seriously KILLING me, uncle sam,.. c'mon now,.. I've give 'til it hurt, and THEN some,... OMG!!!

Anyway,..just ranting a bit this morning,... and hoping maybe one or six of my clients might see this, and decide it's MAYBE time to pay their friendly neighborhood surveyor,.. knowwhutimean???

LOL,... ya'll froog!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Lottery

Okay, if I'm gonna play, we're gonna go about this the right way,..
I've looked it up,.and these are my results,..

My winning number is

apparently,... there's a trend to these things,..and these numbers come up pretty regular,..the MOST common POWER BALL number is 42. hmmmm, but Tennesse only has 39.

11 18 35 46 54 30

let's all play that number in your various state lotteries,..if you win, cut me off a piece,.

I'm gonna play that number in TN for the foreseeable future,...

IT's ON!!