Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas 2010

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It's a White Christmas, Charlie Brown

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

High Quality Rain Barrels

There are many sites offering such equipment with interesting ads everytime, but if you really need qualified rain barrels, I suggest you to visit is the ultimate source for all types of rain water barrels and rain harvesting equipment. It has hundreds of different high quality rain barrels and accessory products. According to their website, it offers only the highest quality product information, and product selection, so you can make the most educated decision possible. You can choose from the options of the rain barrels you need for your home.

The best web pad for us to search rain water barrels, offers rain barrels for sale with the lowest price so we can find a rain barrels it here with large selection of types and models according to what we want without annoyance of expensive.The best web pad for us to search rain water barrel, offers rain barrels for sale with the lowest price so we can find a rain barrels it here with large selection of types and models according to what we want without annoyance of expensive. in Our place we use the rains for the plants mostly so why not to do that too it help also less our water bill.

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Repair Your Bad Credit

Millions of people caught into bad credit rating due to their debts. Many things can lead them into such situation though and what comes to be the important thing now is to find the effective ways of eliminating these burdening problems. Many services are available though, but it is not guaranteed that they’re good enough to keep you on the right track. ou can even count on online agencies to help you Repair Your Bad Credit . Why not to try and check The Credit People, For many years, their online Credit repair service had successfully to help countless people out there.

Mostly they get satisfied with the result offered, especially with fast credit repair assistance they provided.If you are a bankrupt or have a bad credit report, have no fear anyway. There is always credit repair service readily available to help us clean our bad credit.
So if you have a bad credit record, and you want to have credit repair, you an just visit the website. They will repair your bad credit immediately and professionally just type

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Best Cheap Webhosting Provider

Finding the right webhosting option in the modern world can be more than difficult. With the explosion of webhosting companies, conducting due diligence and determining which company actually offers you the best price, the best up time and the most flexibility can seem an impossible task. will also find that they can organize the rankings in a number of other ways. For instance, you can choose to search for, they gives you the ability to compare various web host providers that you choose in parallel columns which will help you to make the best possible choice quickly and without hassle.

website hosting is easy to browse in comparison to the average web hosting rating, You’ll find that most of the information provided is straight forward and easy to understand. WebHostingRating is one of the world’s largest independent web hosting directory
which contains detailed information of all the major hosting providers at one place. You can read the user reviews and customer feedback of all the popular and trusted hosting companies from a single website and don’t have to look here and there and collect information. try to look check their website yourself...

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

2007 Hyundai Santa Fe GLS

Hit the link above to go to Miracle Chrysler on Gallatin Road, if you do go there, see Willie Epps, and tell them I sent ya,.. he'll give me $500.00, and I'll split it with ya, if you buy a car there,... hee hee,..

anyway, bought momma this today, she LOVES it,.. she's very happy, don't think she ever dreamed she'd have something so nice,...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just Address Plaques

Are you looking for Simple or stylish Address plaques and numbers are a necessity for one's home because it makes your house easier to find for mail and gathering purposes, , but also it really a helpful for those new friends of yours who decided to drop by to your place or to give you a nice surprise visit. Take a look at your current address plaque or address sign at your home front and see whether or not you need to replace it with new one.

Explore their collections of home address plaques they carry a huge quality address plaques at This website offers you a wide array of address sign with various designs and style. Just check out the gallery or categories available. You wont believe that they have the lowest price and it is guaranteed!

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Debt Help Problem

Do you need help? If you do check out Debt Counseling is a Debt Settlement company helping individuals and families deal with unmanageable debt. They have helped individuals manage their debts. They have been providing excellent customer service.

Debt Settlement has been proven to be a rewarding way to Debt Relief which is appropriate for consumers with big amounts of debt who are thinking of filing bankruptcy. i know we all facing financial problems like making payments late to our bills not only you having a problems but if need help the United Debt Counseling's settlement program help you in each and every step of the way.for more information about Debt Negotiation click or go to their sites for more info.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

Decorate your kitchen and bathroom now with help of they are as versatile as they are decorative. Low maintenance makes them the perfect choice for kitchens and bathrooms. I just visited this website and was very much impressed to see the collections of tiles that they have. It comes in different sizes and color. At this website, they offer quality tiles at affordable pricing, great customer service. They specialize in glass tiles and mosaics, metal tiles and stone mosaics.

I noticed a product metallic subway tiles, which gives luminescent quality to kitchen. if your planning to construct your house or your bathroom, you can can get the best bathroom tiles only just visit to order high quality marble tiles and mosaics at discount prices. Glass tiles are not only great-looking, but durable and impenetrable too. The tile collection features gorgeous bathroom, kitchen, and swimming pool designs that are high quality and affordable. With a wide variety of colors and sizes. so where you at click your mouse now to check them out...

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Boise State and the National Title

This is OBSCENE.

C'mon, Man, as they like to say on the Sunday Morning football show. Can ANYBODY explain to me how EVERYBODY has already got the Boise State Broncos penciled in for the National Title Game after ONE game in the College football season. Are you KIDDING me? Please, because Tyrod Taylor and the Va. Tech Chokies can't execute a two-minute drill, with 1:09 on the clock, and two time-outs in their pocket, Beamer and the running QB pushed the panic button. That's what I saw, did somebody else see anything differently than that.

Kellen Moore and his brethren didn't choke when they had 1:47 and NO time outs left, to complete an AWESOme little drive, and they needed a touchdown to go ahead, all the Chokies needed was a field goal to send the game to OT, where, you've got to believe, at least, in theory, that the Chokies might have pulled out a win. Since they've got the BEST running game in the country, RIGHT!

They (the Broncos) completed their National Title quest on that one drive, and vaulted Kellen Moore to Heisman Trophy finalist, and them into the National Title Game, while taking only 0:38 seconds off the clock.
They did get a fortuitous, and blatantly BAD call on a late hit that helped them, however, there was still plenty of time for the Chokies to get down the field, and go ahead, if they hadn't PANICKED,..

That's got to be the only explanation, the Chokies thought they had the game in hand, then went behind, how else do you explain,when they just needed 11 yards to get a first down, they heave-hoed two prayers at their best receiver, when you've got to believe they could have just dumped down and made the first downs they needed to get down the field,.. obviously, the Broncos have practiced the two minute drill, and it showed, the Chokies, however, don't seem to have practiced AT ALL leading up to this game, at least in the ways that matter, to a team with National Title aspirations, if you are to believe in Coach Beamer, that the chokies believe they have a good team is no doubt. I guess they thought all they had to do was show up, and they did, for little while in the second and third quarters, we had a real ball game, but when it came to closing the deal, Tyrod Taylor is NOT the man you want behind center to get you down the field quickly and efficiently for the tying or the winning score, I guess.

C'mon, MAN!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The best solution for Math Tutoring Online

There are many of students have bad grade at the math class because they have no someone that can teach them math well, Nowadays, you can get best Math tutor online from There is no more stress and frustration, because professional and experienced tutor will give you simple way on the Algerba 2 help, If your student prefers working on a computer, you may want to try online tutorials or tutorial software programs. For further information on help for students taking Algebra you may want to try. This online tutoring company can help your child in his/her quest for the right Equivalent Fractions, Probability calculator or Solve math problems .

Mathematics usually considered as one subject that is obviously difficult for most students especially for college grade and k-12. offers high-quality one-on-one supplemental education for any student need for Homework helper, Through Tutornext, students can easily get the Free online math tutor. Schooling needs a lot of hard-works because it will be the key to our future life. Let’s admit, there are times that we need someone to teach us aside from our instructors and teachers in school. I recommend for this case. There, your children can have tutorial with an Online Tutor. You can get Free Online Tutoring there as the trial if you want to help your children. try and visite for more information.

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Howard custom computers

Howard custom computers they are provide custom laptop you can use as a gift to anyone of the member of the family for Christmas or especial occasion or especially to student. I surfed through internet and came across a site that provides latest equipments with effective cost. This Howard custom computers offers various brands of custom desktops and custom laptops.

You will be able to buy custom computers at low prices in there stores, and of course they provide the best quality and warranty plans. And by buying a custom computers in their store, then you will be able to get the best service from had better visit their site.

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If you own a car and still want to change tires, or make your car look cool, then have some selections of tire chains and snow chainsthat you will surely love. is one of the biggest online store of tire chains, The store has practically any kind, model, size of chains on the market from rudmatic to centrax, from rotogrip to traditional tire cables.

Winter is nearly upon us again and it is time to get your tire chains. But which one should you buy? In this article, we look at three of the best selling brands available and compare them side by side.The use of tire chains is sometimes a must for some locations have specially severe winters. These will help to make holiday season travels safe and comfortable while hitting the icy road. If you are in the market for tire chains, then is the excellent site to go.

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Repairpal Auto shop

Good news to all who is looking for auto shop because RepairPal will give you a free estimate for the repair and most common problems reported for that model. For example, if you in chicago area, and looking for local repair shops in that area, you will directed to Chicago auto repair , RepairPal makes it easy to find an auto shop or mechanic in your area. Simply type in your city and state or zip code and vehicle on each column and click search.

This economic time it doesn't matter what kind of things you have.. it may simple or luxurious, the most important thing is to be able to survive. A lot of people have laid off from work. How frustrating to hear millions of people are in looking for jobs. The most hurtful thing to hear is when the insurances are being cut as they can't afford to pay it continuously. However, I want to share it here on my page that there is still hope to keep some of your budget in case you need an auto repair because the is here to provide your need at very low price.

If anyone of you is in look out for Toyota Corolla then you must check at the where you can see the overall ratings, reviews, common problems and more. a lot of things that we need to maintain our car especially for water pump if we don't check your water pump theres a posible to blow up your engine just like my son truck happen so more cost you money, just like people how you maintain yourself that what our car need.

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010 is offering many types of Decorative Planters, indoor planter , outdoor planters. they are an online store that sells pots and planters. Among all kinds of indoor and outdoor decorative the planters might be a good option so we can make our home looks naturally beautiful and more environmentally friendly.

There are many types of planters that you can use or choose for on their site like outddor planter and indoor planters that has to offer according to styles, colors and sizes that you will really love. Moreover they have the high quality but affordable.Gardening gives an pleasant feel to your home. Green grasses are main constituent of any ones garden unconnectedly from inspiring your gardens artistic value it also adds exquisiteness to your garden.

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Tutor vista

TutorVista is an online education service that students can use anytime, anywhere and for any subject at their convenience time. They provides online tutoring program and help you Solve math problems or you need for Math homework help. tutors from Tutor Vista will guide you step by step to understand the basic concepts of Factoring polynomials, Homework is one of the job for students and usually the Math lesson is a ‘deadly’ lesson for most of them. The subject of Math like Geometry, Algebra, Calculus, Trigonometry are such a nightmare.

But now you can have fun with the lessons and hire tutors from We all know how important education is for our children and how there are times when they may need a little help. At you have access to knowledgeable professionals in education that can tutor you in almost every subject you need help like Calculus problems . they also offering a Free math help or Free homework help, so isn't it cool and they can also help you or your children for free, hmmm you better check them now to get more information about them.

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Ask me about my fortune, seriously,.. do you KNOW what residual income is?

Actors that get paid for reruns call it what is is, residuals.

  1. A payment made to a performer, writer, or director for each repeat showing of a recorded television show or commercial. Often used in the plural.

2. a payment (as to an actor or writer) for each rerun after an initial showing (as of a TV show)

How would you like to get paid like that - just for paying your monthly bills? That's how this works, you reroute the way you pay your bills a little bit, grab a couple more folks to do the same, and, wa-la!,.. you start generating residual income. Once you get the system up and running,.. all you do then is sit back and count the moneys.

Or,... you can really work it,.. and start counting the millions. Either way,.. it's a good deal.

Holler if you think you might want to try this,..or hit the link above. That's how you get there. Click FORTUNE above. Then do me a favor,. .hit contact above,..and shoot me an email, we'll talk.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Place For Family Vacation

Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina which is easily reached from anywhere you are in United States. Some of you might be wondering about the Myrtle Beach Accommodations that you can get during your vacation in this beach. If you are searching for Myrtle Beach best hotels, then the right place to visit is the sites that you should give a visit for the further and detail information about Myrtle Beach,They seem to offer a lot of fun places and facilities there including water recreation, pools, and golf courses with golf packages.

Well, the fact is there are a lot of Myrtle Beach hotel and resort that you can choose. And It is the most exciting vacation spot. The lovely beach and the beautiful beach resort You can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset on the coastline. in addition you can also enjoy many services offered like pools, hot tubs, fitness center, full service restaurant, and much more. Customers can get packages also on this; they can book directly through phone or web and get many packages which they wish to have. The condominiums also have over sized balconies where you can relax and see the beautiful view that Myrtle Beach has to offer. so what are you waiting for book now don't need to wait click the link and you can direct you to their website.

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Huge Selection of modern and contemporary Furniture is the leading website where you will find great furniture sets that is available forbedroom furniture, and dining room furniture. This website is where you can findhuge collection of modern furniture, This Website has the furniture which are being manufactured by some reputed Italian and European companies, like Moroso, Polaris, Tonin Casa, This is the only place to find both modern and contemporary furniture all at one place. Every piece of furniture is uniquely designed and are sure enough to catch attention of any furniture buyers. have a very unique collection of the best Furniture, be assured that you are going to be amazed of their unique way to get your furniture easily and for a very lowest price.There is a whole lot of choices for all types of modern and contemporary furniture that you can choose at the online furniture don't need to go in the store just only click your mouse.

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Quality Lockers for sale

Locker is easily found in school, office, gyms, and libraries. has more than 30,000 different lockers, This site offered of huge of different uses of lockers,They are leading manufacturers with varieties of models of locker like Wood Lockers,and many more, Make your school a better place for children to learn and organize their things by providing them a safe and good-looking School Lockers, and Gym Lockers. they are the Largest Selection of Locker on the Market and we all know lockers is very important to keep our things safe and secured.

They carry all the top manufacturers of Lockers, as well as the latest styles and colors.and you can also get Lockers for sale. They have an excellent customer support team, who will help you out in finding the best locker that suits your requirements. They also offer free shipping to some of their products. act now simply click the link so you can direct you their site.

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Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

One of the biggest problems with drugs is the fact that it is illegal and there is always the risk of the person being caught and sent to prison. If you or a friend is suffering from drug addiction it may only be a matter of time before you are caught and land up with a criminal record.

The best form of treatment initially for a drug addict is to start off by attending a drug rehabilitation program. This will eliminate the person’s exposure to drugs as well as the fact that the person will be in the hands of professionals. One of the sites that is highly recommended for you whenever you think you need the complete information about drug rehab, center, ordrug treatment.

Axis House is a drug treatment provide rehabilitation services for drug addiction, alcoholism, and co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. Finding the most appropriate drug treatment center or program for individual alcohol rehab and specific needs. The alcohol treatment is based on the world-famous program, which is proved the most effective recovery program, adopted by leading rehabilitation centers, Alcohol addiction also causes cardio vascular complication and hypertension. act now to help them through axis house.

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Get Myrtle beach Vacation Deals

Summer is just around the corner, the best time to have some fun under the sun. Myrtle Beach is located in South Carolina and it is a perfect get away for the whole family this summer especially if you get the Myrtle Beach vacation deals, Planning our vacation to the Myrtle Beach is the most important thing to do, since Myrtle Beach is the favourite beach destinations for family and also golf vacation group. We will need guidance so that our vacation time not wasted. can provides us with all the crucial things we needed in Myrtle Beach such as the most suitable Myrtle Beach hotel that we will need in spending our time there. With all the Resort in Myrtle Beach is not impossible that we will not find the most suitable for us and our family. I would highly recommend that you visit There your will be know many information about resort. This website will provides you with almost everything you needed, do not hesitate to contact them whether by phones or through their website.

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Investing Online is an Online Stock Trading. On their site you will be able to have information about investing and trading. So If you've been thinking about stock trading, do take a look at They have some promotions going on right now - including the ability to refer a friend and earn money.

Online Trading Service sell like Online Broker firm like trading stocks, Mutual funds, Options, ETFs and Fixed Incomes at competitive costs.Its very easy and convenient selling stock trading thru online. Most especially that now a days. Business online trading is very known through out the whole world. People can get accesss easily, by doing some business thru Online Trading,Its easy to do it.

In firstrade, not only can you control all your assets from the web, you Can Also have the comfort of all the trading action on your mobile device to use on their Mobile Trading portal. Open IRA Accounts now and get trading and invest for the future.

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Choosing The Best Webhosting

One of the first steps that can be take is to choose web hosting, because we really should be able to choose the right webhosting that can start our business in the world that the internet will be very necessary for us to expand our business network in the world of the internet, today many of which can be we find on the internet
web hosting directorythat provides a very useful facility for us to start a business on the internet, mostly still many people who use a website or blog for free to start deploying them. Internet is the biggest business opportunities we’ve ever encountered in business history in the world, because by using the internet then we can easily for expand our business throughout the world by using a very minimal investment because by using the internet we just need a site and manage it properly. is a contain that used by roof web developer to put its work result. At this time already many web hosting in the world. Every webhosting have their own strong product. Even region also influences how webhosting will growth. This website will be facilitate how quality of your web hosting. At this web site there are also review for every webhosting either positive or negative value. Finding affordable web hosting can be a difficult task. There are so many companies that offer the service that it is hard to tell which ones are even giving you a deal. When it is about web hosting, you must check recommendations for the service on
web hosting rating, is a site that can give you the best recommendations on the field on the list. There are also enough guides on it as well.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dear John

Found myself writing this to a client today,.. thought I should just post instead

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Custom Made address Plaque you can find a wide variety of address signs,home address plaques. You can shop by design, by category or by brand. They also cater the Whitehall address plaques and many others both residential and commercial. The site offers so many choices of address sign which you can choose, Address plaques are the very important element of your house. Having
address plaques and numbers in front of our house will not only make your home beautiful, but also helps your friends and other services to reach your home with ease. also carries an impressive line of specialty plaques that include memorial plaques, informational plaques, two-sided
address plaques. the reason why we need to buy on the site is because they offer a lowest price and largest selection. When you really use them as your best choice of buying address sign, you will be satisfied because they give quick response to your problem.

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Repair Your Bad credit

We talk about bad credit we know that its hard to mintain a good credit for now because were still facing the recession but we have DSI Solutions for our problem, this website can help us. is the place for you to get started. If you've been afraid to investigate your financial status because we don't like what we have determined in the past, then this is a harmless way to check into our financial future.

On their site you will be able to read various testimonials of different people who where in probably the same situation you now are and that tried their services and was fully satisfied. this site can help you Repair Your Bad Credit not even you everybody needs help. the only thing you need is your internet, they also offer online credit repair services so what you waiting for. help you every step of the way in your financial recovery. Their recommended first step is for you to obtain a copy of your credit report. You need to know what's in there and quite often some of the information is incorrect. Bad credit is a common problem for everyone, to this site you can also save money since they won’t need to pay for high interest rates. so hurry visit them now for further information.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fortune High Tech Marketing

Come visit my store -

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Another Satisfied Customer

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Greatness That is Dexter

The best DirectTV Offers today brings you quality TV programming for quality viewing experience. Direct TV is powered by satellite TV connection giving you no downtime channels. and especially You can get great DIRECTV promotions and Direct TV package offers.
You can order and choose what package deals you want directly at the site. The best choice for Direct TV satellite tv packages, , get it here at

Your home will be more entertaining soon for families and visitors as well. You won’t be again complaining with choppy television views connection. See Direct TV deals today before getting your application on the process. While visiting the site at is worth a while, you can choose what package deals are best suited for your everyday entertainment.

What I really like about the character is how emotionless he is and this very trait often leads to some comical situations. For example, watching him try and act like a proper boyfriend to his girlfriend Rita, and listening to his commentary while doing so, gives me a few chuckles and puts a smile on my face. With the great plot and lead character, there is no excuse not to watch Dexter.

Great vacation Spot offers the information and golf packages, Myrtle Beach is a popular sport for vacation or holiday. Myrtle Beach has been known as one of the first choices and activities to do while on Myrtle Beach Golf Vacations. You can easily get quotes online and search all the Grand Strand area golf courses.

If you visit http// you will be able to browse many good resorts at Myrtle Beach. you can get more information about some of the famous seaside resorts like Avista resort, Horizon, Prince Resort and more. Some people like to go around sea or beach side because of the view of the nature and also different kind of entertainment is available than any other places. It’s really hard for them to look after good resort to spend their time in these kinds of places. try and visit the website and you can amazed the beauty of resort and also affordable so what you think folks.

Monday, July 12, 2010

A dream Car

Finding the right car for you, you will find many places online that offer free services like car reviews, find out what car is hot and much more. Some websites offer better information than others. The Car Connection website is very easy to use, if you are looking for reviews on a dodge caliber price and Chrysler price you’ve come to the right place friend. You can also view photos of cars on the site, especially want to know the hyundai Tucson price or volvo s80 price , The car Connection will provide you with the best information about cars new and used, what’s hot and what’s not.wife and i looking for her car and i think she love the Dodge caliber. we might get this car and we can save more so we can get the car she want. provide a guide for you to choose the right car in accordance with the character and the money you have. In this website you can find a variety of cars with the models and prices vary. You also can select the various reviews of the car you want based on the type, including sedans, 2 doors, SUVs, vans, Trucks, hybrid also the luxury car. so if you need help ask the experts if you have several options, because buying a car, of course, must be in accordance with your need and personality. to direct to the website just click any of the link.

Affordable ticket for any events is a skilled and experienced ticket broker that has an access over host of programs including live concerts, sporting events and world famous theaters like 1ST MARINER ARENA TICKETS, From this website you can purchase COMERICA PARK TICKETS for your family and you don't need to buy somewhere just click your mouse and your good to go. is a professional online broker of tickets event. The events that supported by are covering; sports, theaters, and concerts. As according to name of that is A Cheap Seat, this website offer cheap tickets price.Apart from selling tickets, they also provide all sorts of facilities related with the purchase or booking of tickets, including advice for the shows or events.Radio City Christmas Spectacular Tickets. They ship all their tickets with FedEx, the most reliable courier service. so what you waiting for visit their website now.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Are you searching for good quality mail boxes for your home? Then, the best recommended place to visit is In this website you can find the right Mailboxes for your home. They are the leading online seller of mailboxes. Mailboxixchange is offering a good quality locking mailbox and locking mailboxes They come in all different styles and colors. You can also get the kind that are freestanding or the ones that attach to your home.

This company was have the strong commitment and dedicated all of its job excellence to create the good quality mailboxes for your house, made from wood, stainless, or any good material available. they have also lockable mailboxes so your mails is safe if you are away at home, try and visit the site for more available mailboxes.

Myrtle beach Vacation

Are you planning for family vacation? if so visit they are the number one vacation spot and lowest prices and you can also enjoy your vacation with your family. There are many ways you can do to enhance your pleasure enjoying vacation; one of them is to combine it with your hobby, Because they offered Myrtle Beach golf courses. Golf is one of interesting sport; it is good for relaxing body from many daily activities, with green grass area make the air fresh.

If you interesting with this sport,Myrtle Beach, is an extremely beautiful beach with its soft sandy beach, exciting water sports, cultural activities and historic sites, freshwater fishing, and savory restaurants. No wonder that Myrtle Beach is one of the best recreation area. Full of Activities Holiday in Myrtle Beach Having a holiday does not mean that you have to lie down and be lazy all day long in the leisure time.

Instead, you can do some activities that will be useful not only to have some fun in the holiday time, they are also offer Myrtle Beach golf packages in affordable prices. Many people admit that golf is their life however they are too busy to be able enjoying some times challenging their skill in golf courses. Well, perhaps this summer holiday is going to be your only chance to test your current golf skill. so what are you waiting for try and check em out now for more information you needed. just click the link hurry.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Guest Blogger (Louise N. Baker)

5 Great Websites For Surveyors

Surveyors are professionals who perform a vast amount of measurement and documentation about
the world around us. They work with land, air space and water areas, providing descriptions and accurate information about the earth which could then be used in deeds and legal documents or as a basis for construction of commercial or residential properties.

Although surveying may be considered as one of the oldest professions, it is still a must for surveyors to be up to date with advancing technologies and news in their field, and so here is a list of 5 great websites for different kinds of surveyors.

Land Surveyors - The Surveyors notebook

The Surveyors notebook website is written and maintained by Larry VanOsdol. It covers a wide variety of the aspects of Land Surveying such as field equipment, safety, standards and ethics, as well as personal accounts of the challenges of being a Land Surveyor. He also maintains a Surveyor's Reference page which has links to educational materials related to surveying.

Larry VanOsdol is a retired Land Surveyor licensed in the states of Indiana and Illinois.

Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors - The Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors

The Association of Archaeological Illustrators and Surveyors (AAI&S) website is a great resource for professional archeological surveyors as well as those aspiring to get into the profession. Although it is based in the UK, they have become an international body for professional archaeological illustration and survey, aiming to set standards within the profession and to promote these standards within the archaeological world at large. They maintain a publication site which lists Journals, Technical
Papers, and news reports related to the field of Archeological Surveying.

Bathymetric Surveyors - Geo Community

Although they are mainly an e-commerce website, Geo Community offers a lot of information about a wide variety of topics such as imagery sources, imaging software, and related hardware. They also feature latest industry news and publications, postings for job opportunities, as well as providing a way to interact with other surveyors in their community discussion boards.

Geo Community is maintained by the Mindsites Group, which owns and operates e-commerce websites
supporting technical professionals.

Hydrographic surveyors - International Federation of Hydrographic Societies

International Federation of Hydrographic Societies is a non-profit organization which is a partnership of national and regional hydrographic societies. They are recognized throughout the world for promoting the development of hydrography and hydrographic learning. The website is updated frequently with related news reports and schedules of conferences from all over the world related to the hydrographic surveying profession.

Soil Surveyors - World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue

World Soil Survey Archive and Catalogue, or WOSSAC, is one
of the facilities of the National Soil Resources Institute (NSRI). Their aim is to become a main source for endangered soil survey reports, maps, imagery and photographs and other relevant materials of the last 80 years from 250 territories worldwide, so they are a good reference for those trying to locate old survey documents for comparison studies.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

T Shirt Design

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Friday, June 4, 2010

DLS Memorial Day 100 (ft-that is)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Draper Land Surveying

Obijuan from the Helmet Project has hooked us up with an AWESOME new logo,.. if you like his work, I'm sure he'd appreciate you stopping by his place,..

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cross Marketing

Well... the more the merrier, I guess, we're working on a bit of a cross-marketing campaign. We'll see how this goes, see our newest site at - let me know here or there what you think. Thanks. As always, can click the link here, or at the top.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Affordable Auto Repair Shop

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Draper Land Surveying

Changing the name from Stanley K. Draper, R.L.S. to
Draper Land Surveying, let me know what ya'll think of the website, thanks.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leica TPS 1200+

This is the Robotic Total Station that we currently use, it's the best thing to use for stake out and topo work, on an open site, and speed-wise, two men running this one will put two men running a traditional Total Station to shame, as far as just sheer volume of work completed,..

However,..I'd really like to have this attachment here,.. that's next on my want list,..

what this piece does is ties you in to GPS - Global Positioning Systems,.. so that everything would be on real-world coordinates as soon as you shoot it,..

Topcon GTS-304

This is our more conventional Total Station, and it's great for Boundary Work, and Topo work, as well,.. the Robot has some issues when the site is not clear, and you have to shoot in to the woods or anything,.. the software program that is with this one is a bit more user friendly, as well,.. it's the stuff we all learned on, and we know it like the back of our hand,..

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tennessee Code Annotated

Tennessee Code: Title 62: Professions, Businesses, and Trades, Chapter 18: Land Surveyors

62-18-124. Right-of-entry — Liability — Notice to landowners — Injunctions. —

(a) A professional land surveyor, the professional land surveyor's agents, employees and personnel under the professional land surveyor's supervision, may go on, over and upon the lands of others when necessary to perform surveys for the location of property corners, boundary lines, rights-of-way and easements, and, in so doing, may carry with them their customary equipment and vehicles.

(b) A professional land surveyor, the professional land surveyor's agents, employees and personnel under the professional land surveyor's supervision entering the lands of others under the right granted by subsection (a), and doing no unnecessary injury, are liable only for the actual damage done, and, if sued in such case, the plaintiff shall recover only as much costs as damages.

(c) Nothing in this section shall be construed as giving authority to a professional land surveyor, the professional land surveyor's agents, employees or personnel under the professional land surveyor's supervision to destroy, injure, damage or move anything on the lands of another without the written permission of the landowner, and nothing in this section shall be construed as removing civil liability for such damage.

(d) A licensed land surveyor during the conduct of a boundary survey where there is discovered, or reasonably should have been discovered, any major apparent discrepancy as defined by the board between the deed descriptions of adjoiners, evidence of use or possession not consistent with deed descriptions or otherwise has notice that there is an adverse claim across a boundary, shall notify the affected adjoiners. Notice to nonresident or absentee owners will be by mail to the current address used for mailing property tax notices. In cases in which the landowner does not reside on the property, reasonable effort shall mean notification by certified mail.

(e) No owner or occupant of the land shall be liable for any injury or damage sustained by any person entering upon the land under this section.

(f) Injunctive relief may be had against a landowner restricting entry to the landowner's land in violation of this section by petition addressed to the circuit or chancery court of the division in which the violation is alleged to have occurred.

[Acts 1984, ch. 934, §§ 2-5; 2000, ch. 930, § 1.]

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Service Magic

I don't guess Service Magic would mind me showing them a little love, they've almost singlehandedly kept me going thru a lot of these last few slow months, so, I don't mind returning the favor.

Here the text above, "Service Magic", will take you to my Service Magic profile page.

This job was a Service Magic Lead that I followed. The client was looking to divide his property into two pieces, well, after a little leg work, I found out it had been combined by the previous owner for tax purposes, what did we have to do to un-combine them so he could sell off the other piece, he just had to go to the Tax Assessor and ask,.. simple, huh?

Imagine that.

Alley Closure, Chamberlin Street

Linked above to Metro Nashville, Department of Public Works, this job started out as just another Lot Survey, standard fee, and turned in to this, an astute observer noticed that we bordered an alley that was not in use, and suggested we see about getting it added to our property. Well, in this case, and usually, when you close an alley or street that borders two properties, the law is that you split them evenly between the two, so, the neighbor here is getting an unexpected boon to his property, by nature of what my client wanted to do with hers.

I did a lot of the leg work, as a public service, it is what I'm charged by my License to do. Anyway, the client was very appreciative, and we're well on our way to getting this done.

For those new to the blog here, you can click the picture to get a better view, and I always post a link to something or other in the title,..I like everything to go somewhere,.. if you click on "Alley Closure, Chamberlin Street, it will take you to the Department of Public Work's website.