Saturday, January 30, 2010

Service Magic

I don't guess Service Magic would mind me showing them a little love, they've almost singlehandedly kept me going thru a lot of these last few slow months, so, I don't mind returning the favor.

Here the text above, "Service Magic", will take you to my Service Magic profile page.

This job was a Service Magic Lead that I followed. The client was looking to divide his property into two pieces, well, after a little leg work, I found out it had been combined by the previous owner for tax purposes, what did we have to do to un-combine them so he could sell off the other piece, he just had to go to the Tax Assessor and ask,.. simple, huh?

Imagine that.

Alley Closure, Chamberlin Street

Linked above to Metro Nashville, Department of Public Works, this job started out as just another Lot Survey, standard fee, and turned in to this, an astute observer noticed that we bordered an alley that was not in use, and suggested we see about getting it added to our property. Well, in this case, and usually, when you close an alley or street that borders two properties, the law is that you split them evenly between the two, so, the neighbor here is getting an unexpected boon to his property, by nature of what my client wanted to do with hers.

I did a lot of the leg work, as a public service, it is what I'm charged by my License to do. Anyway, the client was very appreciative, and we're well on our way to getting this done.

For those new to the blog here, you can click the picture to get a better view, and I always post a link to something or other in the title,..I like everything to go somewhere,.. if you click on "Alley Closure, Chamberlin Street, it will take you to the Department of Public Work's website.