Saturday, December 17, 2011

Catalogue Jobs via Google Earth

This is gonna be a pretty awesome little deal, not sure HOW I'm gonna get it to work with the blog and the website,.. but some kind of combination of the two, and I'm TRULY gonna be using this internet dealio to the fullest of it's capabilities,.. man,.. I can't SPELL anymore,..

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Hate changes,..

don't we all,.. when you change your email after,..what has it been,.. 1998-2011 - same email address for 13 years,.. who does that,.. anyway,.. yeah, even got a comment from someone at AT&T, couldn't believe I was still rockin' the email addy,..ah, well,.. no more, no more,... I've stepped up and joined the new wave,.. can email to if you care to,..STILL haven't been able to get momma's set up,.. it's been a WEEK people,..WTF,..
c'mon, man,..

much as I seem to hate change,.. I hate friggin' some stupid idiot policies that seem to be in place for no other reason than - ostensibly,.. I guess (privacy) that's a crock,..

if they want it,..they gonna get it,.for the most part, do you think?

alrighty then,.. also,. check the website, if you haven't yet,.. Draper Land Surveying
you know you want to,.. lol,.. I really like it,.. I'm a DOT.COM now,.. lol.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Surveyor explains what it is we do.

What is a Surveyor? Great Article,.. having trouble posting myself,... why you got to change stuff?