Saturday, July 16, 2011


In honor of this being the World Series of Poker week,.. thought I'd post a link to some poker talk,.. check it out, you might just learn something,..

need your scrap metal

we've got a place here in Hermitage,.. trying to make my new trailer pay for itself,..will pick up,.just holler,..

Thursday, July 14, 2011

A. S. Aloe Transits

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somebody called me recently, from Tulsa, Oklahoma,. had one of these transits, if this is you, please call me back, I've found a site, to see the pictures you got of that.

The Geometry of Surveying

The Geometry of Surveying

In years past, I spent a considerable period of time as a surveying technician with private firms and government agencies across the United States. I was never a licensed surveyor, but I worked at various times as chainman, instrument operator, party chief, and office technician. One aspect of the profession that still attracts me is the geometry. The work of surveyors is intrinsically dependent upon the fact of certain geometric concepts.

Surveying procedures are based on geometry, but they propagate mostly through training and tradition. Unfortunately, bad practices are passed along the same way. By maintaining a connection with the underlying theory, we can understand our work better and perhaps avoid trouble. On the job, I sometimes tried to influence others on questions of procedure, but my success was spotty. People simply did not connect with those three-dimensional sketches that I would draw in the air with my finger. That is the motivation behind this article. After all these years away from it, I am taking time to explain some of my points properly.


Theodolite Error

Theodolite Adjustment

The Vernier Scale

Repeating Theodolites


Questionable Practices

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

if I owe you an invoice

please, send me an email with your address, and I'll get that to you.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Localize your Village"

Let's ALL work on "Localizing OUR Village",.. ask me about this concept,.. I'll try to explain a bit,'s kind of like what ya'll are all doing anyway, with the games ya'll play, everybody is helping everybody in these games,.. let's take this one step further, in to real life,.. so, if you're a hair dresser, then you ALL the people that know you online here should be using you for their hair-cutting needs,.. I'm a Land Surveyor, I would hope anybody that knows me from here would be contacting me first if they needed some Land Surveying,..there's more,.. let's try and let everybody know what you do for a living, maybe you'll get some business from here,..

ay-oh,.. oh-ay,..

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Land Scaping Service to be ADDED!!! Draper Land Surveying & Landscaping Co., Inc.

Maybe we can call it Draper L Squared, or Draper to the L, or Draper LAND Services, I think I like that one,..

Draper LAND Services, Inc.

I think we'll start CUTTING your grass for our clients as well,.. most of them need cutting when we get there, anyway,.. we'll offer to cut the grass for $100.00 per acre, and we'll divide it down, so, if you have 0.25 acres, that'll cost you $25.00 for us to cut it when we got there,.. 0.35 acres = $35.00, 1/2 acre lot would cost you $50.00 to get it cut, we may even string along w/ a weedeater a bit, if you wanta offer us a little gratuity, as well, ya'll know how that lawn-mowin' gig is, it's a HOT ONE, but it sure does make a COLD beer taste a whole lot better.

If you're interested in this service, please let us know, or maybe hang a sign that says CUT ME!.

We could also continue mowing, I suppose, at the same rate, every week and a half, or so, until the property is out of your hands,..

Surveyor ART, check it out!!!!

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Surveyor Art, just arrow on thru,.. I like this design, very cool.