Monday, January 17, 2011

Jeff Fisher, are you paying attention?

It's really amazing, what the Jets are doing with a second year quarterback, don't you think? That's why I think at the end of the day, Jeff Fisher is gonna be out of excuses, no matter, we've had a lot of seasons of just downright AVERAGE play from a team that was good enough to go 13-3 in the regular season, only three years ago. When you take that team, and see that that was our best last chance to make a real run at the title, you see that Fisher has just been out-coached on every level by - at that time, what was a rookie head coach in John Harbaugh. I was flabbergasted at the time that Fisher didn't get more heat from the local media about that. True, Fisher did not fumble any balls, or give up any coverages, or anything like that, but when you see what the Jets are doing, you've got to know that EVERYTHING that's on the field belongs to the Head Coach. Fisher gets a real pass from our local media, for the most part, because we are a small market I think. But if you can take a rookie QB to within one game of the Super Bowl, you've got to wonder why Fisher has gotten a pass for so long with the talent he's had.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Rant for Today,..

If you're new here,.. know that if you click the title of any particular post, you'll get to the source,.. usually, it's more info on what I'm currently writing about, but sometimes, it will be a link to something within the post,.whatever I feel pertinent,.. anyway,.. on with the show,..

Today's Rant involves that un-mentionable melon headed QB - and why he's destined for post-season collapse 90% of the time,.. here's the thing,.. during the regular season, there IS a certain amount of game-planning, however, if you're paying attention, you know it's nothing like the game planning that goes on in the post-season, that's why Sexy-Rexy was saying, "I can beat one man",.. and that's what he did,.. but just barely,..but that's all it takes in this league,.. 1 point,.. hey,.. and he might not have even gotten that without an assist from -trying to think of a good name for what I think of Jim Caldwell - it's not coming to me,.. he seems to be more riding the coattails of what Dungy put in place more than anything,.. anyway,.. like has been said before, if Tom Moore was this genius OC, his name would come up more often for HC jobs, don't you think,,.. it's that in the regular season, the forehead will check to whatever play will work for that particular situation, however, as has been alluded to by Mr. Ryan, he's just not working with a total game plan,.. you get me here,.. Rex is right, Brady DOES get a ton of help from the coaches, that's what the league is about, game planning for an opponent, the reason Bellicheck (sic) does it so well, is that EVERY game he coaches is a different game plan- totally,.. from what I understand, most coaches will try and build during the season on what has transpired to date,.. whereas the hoodie scraps everything from the rip,.. he's got a totally NEW game plan - EVERY week,.. regular OR post-season,.. you see,..

and that's what the melon head is not getting,.. he's his own OC, and he'll check to whatever is deigned to get him the first down, or whatever, however, not working within a TEAM game plan is gonna get him every time,.. the year he did go to the Super Bowl, well, I don't know what happened there, he made it work that time,. but I just really doubt that he will EVER have the post season success that he has during the regular season, it's just not the way they do things in Indy,..

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If you know me at all, you KNOW that I think Tom Brady is the bomb,.. however, I'm fixin' to be totally conflicted, as I always am, when the Patriots go against my Steelers,.. egads,.. best and worst case scenario, all in one,.. REALLY want Tom Terrific to get his 4th ring,.. for one, we need to quit sullying Tom Brady's good name with references to the choke artist,.. I don't think they should be mentioned in the same breath, or even the same article,.. I don't even like saying (writing) his name,.. ya'll know who I'm talking about, don't you.

 Anyway,.. there's the confliction,.. would also be great to see the Steelers get that 7th Lombardi,.. I really like what I heard that Mike Tomlin said to - I think it was Mendenhall, one of his running backs,.. when it was mentioned he wasn't getting his yardage, or something,.. Tomlin says",.. when I walk to my office in the morning, I'm not walking by "Rushing Titles",.. I walk by 5 Lombardi Trophy's,.. think this was before he got his first one,..

Anyway,..if Big Ben gets his third, before that other feller even *sniffs* his second,... maybe they'll start putting "Big Ben" and "Tom Terrific" comparisons up everywhere,..instead of, you know, the comparisons to the melonhead.