Friday, April 17, 2009

Elmington Park Partial Topographic Survey

Actually did this one about 2 years ago,.. just figured out how to post these,,..hey,..probably more in the future, can click right on the picture for close up view,.. this is basically the type of survey we were doing at the Windy Hill facility this week,..locate EVERYTHING, with elevations (vertical datum).. won't have that drawing for a bit, but found this one, was actually looking for a copy of our survey of Ft. Negley,..look there at that diagram,...and it still looks amazingly a lot like that,..have a survey here somewhere, full topographic survey of that one,..and it's one of my finest works,..very proud of it,..but can't find it,..I'm sure it's on the network at the office, backed up,.. but I used to keep a copy handy here.
Here's what it looks like,.. if I can get this to work,.momma's about to give up on me tho',

Will see if I can't find that to show to ya'll.