Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Park at Hermitage LIbrary

Thought I'd throw a bit out today about the picture in my profile there, and where it came from,.. it's me, of course, sitting on a bench at the park, the park is here in Hermitage, on the Library property, and we had taken Nicole there that day, first day she ever slid down a slide, so, that was a HUGE deal. What makes this significant, I think, or of interest, I guess, is in the picture there,.. on top of my head, you can see what looks like two bunny ears, in white, above my head. What are those, you ask?,.. well, those are the brain child of one of the Metro Parks Directors, and what they actually are are two airplane wings, stuck in the ground on the south side of the park,.. well, what does that have to do with me?,.. I'll tell you,..lol,.. HFR, the company I work for,..contracted around the time they finished this park, first, to locate the walking bridge, it's directly behind me in the picture, but you can't see much of it, and second, to show them where True North was. So, just to the south side of the walking bridge, is the Airplane Wings Sun Dial,.. yep, those two wings are a part of a Sun Dial,..now, to tell you the truth, I've been there during the day, and it's real hard to tell time with that thing,..cause the two wings cast two shadows,.. so, not necessarily sure that it's actually an accurate sundial as much as it is just a sculpture. Of course, I've not studied Sundial reading or anything, but I was there around, I guess it was 2 o'clock that day, and it was a fairly sunny day, and it's not the first time I've been over there looking at the shadows trying to see if it told good time. I'm also sure that not a lot of people actually know that it's even supposed to be a sundial, it has a plaque there, not really sure what it says, don't think it says that, per se, I don't remember what it DOES say, right off the top of my head. We were contracted originally to show them where TRUE North was for that thing,.. and we did that. As far as making the thing tell time, I didn't have anything to do with that part of it,.. but we did show them where North,..straight up 12 o'clock, should go.


SquirrelQueen said...

Looking good, looks like you made some really nice changes since last night. I tried to leave a comment then and it wasn't working.
The link you left on the discussion board doesn't work. You might want to do a new post.
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Stanley Keith Draper said...

thanks,..and thanks for your help,..looks like the coffee shop got over run with "something",.. hmm,..