Friday, April 3, 2009


it seems I have two blogs here now,. all of a sudden, just shows to go ya,.. don't know what I'm doing,.. but I'll learn,.. stay tuned,..

Okay, Grace, my blushing bride of almost a year now, says blogging is neat, and the way to go, and judging by my paypal account, which keeps growing for some strange reason, I must agree with her,.. I'll probably go a different route than she's taken, I'm sure, as I do have marketable skills, I do believe, I'm actually, in Real Life,.. a Registered Land Surveyor here in Nashville, Tn, we work all around the state, tho', and I've worked as far away from home as Mississippi, and I love it, that's what I feel like I was born to do,..

on the other hand, I do love to write as well, I've helped Ms. Grace to edit a lot of her blogs, so, I'm listed as an author there as well, anyway,.. this is the post numero uno, lots more to come I'm sure,..feel free to contact me for anything, truly,.. especially if you have a WR, SS, DE, DT, etc.,..on,.. I'm seriously in need of a few pieces to make a championship run this coming season,.. that would be Season 9.

Also,.. and most especially if you have any Survey work,.. that's the real purpose for this, I guess, we need to get some jobs going to help us get our new house built.