Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday

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Well,'s been a terribly eventful day, so far,....we were actually supposed to start earlier than we did, but,..we did get started. The plan for me was, for us to go finish the sewer line this morning,..but, once again, my faithful helper was not so faithful. That said, it didn't really bother me,..didn't much want to work on Easter Sunday,.anyway,, just kind of surfed a bit this morning, you know, at Goallineblitz, of course,.. and then, when momma got up, we rushed around a bit, got dressed and went to church, where, of course, we were about 30 minutes late,..actually, we might need to think about coming in that late more often,..ha ha,.. all the formalities were done by that point, and we made it just in time for the preaching, and this guy is a hoot!! Pulled up the website,.. of course,.. Joy Church, and look, there he is.

Also, can you tell, Grace just showed me how to put the links right in the blog,..hee hee,.. I CAN be trained, apparently,.. anyway,, good service today, but, as we're getting home, momma, of course, wants some pictures of her and Nicole on the front porch,..I'm sure you'll see those there in her blog momentarily, so, I take a couple of pictures, and go to hand the camera back to her,..and miss,..egads!

It hits the concrete from about three feet up, and "Ouch!",..she grabs it up quick,..and sure enough, it's broke. The little focusing thingie won't open. What a mess, I tell her,..I'm sorry,.momma, but she's inconsolable, if you've seen her blog, may know, I think she loves that camera more than just about anything, maybe even Nicole, most assuredly me,..

So, I take it and tell her I'm going to Electronics Express,..don't feel the need for a link there,..and I go. Well, so, I guess their doing Easter Eggs while I'm gone,..and I didn't know.

So, the Express is closed, of course,, as I'm driving back, I'm looking at the camera, might oughta have been watching the road, oh well, anyway,..the little circle thingie on the front is just a bit off center,, I decide to just ease it over a little,..and it got a little better,..acted like it wanted to open,,..did some more,..easy,..
Got home, still wouldn't open, momma still has tears in her eyes,, I tell her it was an accident, I'm sorry,..blah, blah,..but she's still hatin' on me,...I come in here,..been messing with my email all day, was trying to download that outlook connector, and kept crashing,..started that over again,.then went out and got the camera and brought it to her, and shared my theory that if we got that thing back to center, it would open and work again.

She's very diligent, and she got it working, finally,, now she's a bit better,.and I take Nicole outside,..and she finds a plastic egg with some candy in it,..this is when I realize,.."They had the Easter Egg Hunt without me!!,..grrr,..", and I go in there, and ask her about it,..and she says,..well, you were gone,,..

Anyway,.so, I tell her,..let's do it again,..hee hee, Nicole won't know the difference,.... and she'll be better at it this time. Can see the video, I'm sure, in a day or so, Grace's Blog. With the now fixed camera. Wow,..and it's not even dinner time yet.