Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Thought I'd take a time out from survey talk to tell you of another one of my little internet hobbies, and if you get addicted like me,..don't come hollerin',.. This is the best game on the 'net that you may not be playing, I swear. I've actually got a page on Grace's Blog somewhere about it, could probably just cut and paste that thing here, but I won't,..there's a tab, second one over there, that takes you to my team's website, it's pretty tight, and has a little chat box that I use from time to time to holler at folks on that site, it's a lot quicker than getting somebody's AIM or IM name and loading that stuff up. Anyway,.. the game is a sim game, of American Football, really, an MMORPG,.. role-playing, more or less, but it's a lot more than just that.

I own the Santiago Voodoo, that's my team's name, but there are a ton of teams there, and I think upwards of 300,000 players, I think. What it is, in a nutshell, is you create players first, and then start leveling them, and we have leagues for all of them,..my team is towards the top of the tier at this point, AAA in the South American Conference, that's why the website is in Spanish,..thought it added something to it,.don't you? So,. we have a Pro League above us in South America, and there's talk now of a World League that would be where the top Pro teams would go to play.

So, the players, and ya'll know what a football team looks like, you have to get about that many to field a team, I have like 60+ players there, at this point, but there in all different levels of development, I have like 15 on my own team, and then the rest are other users in the game, and we play a season, which is 40 days long, and have a game every two days in the season. This is live action, not really, but the player's are dots on the screen, but you can actually watch a whole game and we have a lot of little scripts and stuff that lets you highlight your players. We also have different play books, Offensive and Defensive AI (Artificial Intelligence) that you set up to run your game plan, and Depth Charts, energy tactics, etc., etc., etc. It's a fabulous waste of time, I'm here to tell you. But, I love it. If you're a football fan, this is the game for you.

Check the website, or just click the link above,..will take your right there, and it's free to sign up and you get enough credit off the bat to create one or two players, depending on their position.

Anyway, that's what I spend way too much time on this internet doing, just thought I'd let ya'll know about it. If you do sign up, holler at me in there,..there's a user search feature, my handle in game is klite_98,.. which is basically been my username for just about everything on the net since I got my first computer back in, you guessed it,.. 1998.


Monaliza - Hypnotic Visualization said...

It's really amazing how you r able to devote so much time in just 1 post. I reckon it's driven by passion..

Stanley Keith Draper said...

yeah,.. it's a fun game,..i spend WAY too much time there,..

SquirrelQueen said...

Sounds like a fun game, I sometimes get caught up in FPS games. My latest passion is F.E.A.R.