Thursday, April 16, 2009

Momma's favorite store,..

yeah, what a day here in GA,.. had some issues early, after bringing our points in, and getting our drawing started, went to breakfast, then to Target,..momma's favorite store,,..she always calls it,...had to get Randy a jacket, it's a bit cool here in Georgia, and he left ALL his jackets in his truck, which is at the office,,..after that, we headed toward the site, around the time we started getting close, got a call from the Home Office, they need us to come move our rooms, 'cause somebody didn't book correctly, we knew all along it was gonna take 3 days to shoot this site, but they only had us down for 2. So, we head back,..and thank god for small favors, got me out of that stinky ol' room,..this one I'm in now is a little better, doesn't stink, but the internet access is iffy at best.

Once again, recommendation,..

Country Inn & Suites Atlanta-NW at Windy Hill Rd

Anyway,..tired, going back to bed,..just had to bring today's points in and get them ready so we could have a print to take to the field with us today,..


SquirrelQueen said...

Yep, it all sounds like Georgia.

I thought I was a night owl, but you're three hours later there, really up late.


Stanley Keith Draper said...

more up early, than anything, I didn't even go to dinner with the guys last night, I was so tired,..I have to work more than them, process the data, and all that, so, I was working on getting the drawing started, and also putting together a picture for the superintendent out there, he wanted us to leave him with something to work with, for now,,..anyway,..when we left site today, came here, piddled,..crashed.