Saturday, April 18, 2009

Radar Central

The "Tiki Hut",.. that's what the guys on-site call this,'s where the super has his office,.. kudos to Chris for these pics and "Sweat Tea", for putting up with me all day,..and a job well done.

Job done,..whew,..taking a break, we were basically through at this point, had a couple things left, and were waiting on the superintendent to show us his proposed utilities, so we could add to the plans without a return trip.

Randy and me, checking over the plans,..making sure we've got everything "shot",..don't want to have to drive to Georgia, if we've missed anything,..

Chris and his "partner",.. we call him "Robbie",...

Randy "Sweet Tea" Stubblefield, and I, with Randy running our robot "gun",.. takes only one person to run that,..that's why I'm grinning, at that point, I was done for that day,.. ha ha,..

This picture is yours truly, running our "conventional" total station, meaning it takes one person on the "gun" (EDM, is the industry term-stands for Electronic Distance Measuring device, I suppose) and one on the "stick",..the pen, as it were,..

The tab on top today takes you to a tight little site, where you can look at the different radar coverages,.. anyway, this is the radar at the station at Windy Hill, my mother, being a mother, and also married now to my step-father, (great guy, btw) who is retired Air Force Military Police, seems a bit concerned that I'm giving away National Security secrets, by posting about this in my blog,. so,..if you're a terrorist, please to go away, before I poke you in your eye.


SquirrelQueen said...

OK, I could spend a really long time playing with the different radar locations, pretty good coverage.
That EDM looks like a fun toy. So with the EDM and the pen all the measurements are recorded electronically? Then download to a computer?
Best thing I see though is the weather looks great, hopefully some of that will work it's way North.

Stanley K. Draper, R.L.S. said...

You have an amazing grasp of the situation, weather was clear, but very cool for us, coming from Tennessee at this time of year,..and me too,.. I got lost there for a minute on that link,.. looking at it,..forgot what I was doing for a minute,.. and then you can get the current conditions,..we use, and Chris and Randy, both, I think, have it downloaded on their phones, the technology of today is truly amazing,..