Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Metro Trunk Sewer, Nolensville, Tn

Okay,.. so,..our latest project is a trunk line sewer along Mill Creek in Nolensville, Tn,. which is around 25 miles from my house here in Hermitage,. we've been working on this one off and on for around 4 weeks now,..and we're almost done with it. Yesterday, my helper, and the boss' son showed up, and his back was bothering him a bit, he'd been to the ER last Thursday, I guess, and he had some pills from the ER Doctors, said he'd sprained it,.so,..anyway,. we went on out yesterday and were working on our punch list,..had to locate a few benchmarks that we had set leveling earlier in the job, and also start a new topo down a couple of the lateral lines heading back to a subdivision that's around 1500 feet south of the creek there. Well, we got all our benchmark stuff done, and sketched all our overhead, and we headed up this long driveway to this guys house where we were fixing to topo along his west line for the sewer lateral. It had been threatening rain pretty much all day, and it was kind of spitting a little, and we weren't in a huge hurry to get set up because I figured it was fixing to come down pretty hard, so, we got to talking to the owner there, and he's tellin' us about his daughter that does barrel racing, and also about his greyhound dogs that he's raised from pups,..apparently, they've had a nice career of racing, at least one of them did,..the other he said wasn't terribly fast,..however, he was saying, because Grace had been asking me this weekend about dogs,..that greyhounds are just great lap dogs, and just freindly as all get out, and blah, blah, blah,.. so, about the time we get set up to get started, guessed it, here comes the rain,..not only that,. it was the freezin' variety,.so,. needless to say,..we'd been out there for like 4-5 hours by that point, we just called 'er a day and headed on back to the house.

It's just a day in the life,.. and some of the interesting folks you meet out and about.

We got to talking about dogs the other day after going to Wal-Mart, where we saw a little family had some little boston terrier pups, giving them away,..well, that was just amazing to the little woman,.."they just giving those away,...why?,.. ",.. sometimes the commonplace stuff in our lives is foreign as heck to other folks,. (if you don't know, my wife is philippino,..and not an American one,..she's straight from the island),.. (she's also obviously beating the heck out of the child right now,..cause there's quite a ruckus going on,'s bed time,.lol) she always has a fresh take on stuff,.. and so I tried to explain that to her,... anyway,.. gotta get back to my defense.

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