Thursday, April 16, 2009

Georgia State Plane Coordinate System

hate to waste any typing done on this laptop,, forgive me SQ,.gonna copy/paste,..

more up early, than anything, I didn't even go to dinner with the guys last night, I was so tired,..I have to work more than them, process the data, and all that, so, I was working on getting the drawing started, and also putting together a picture for the superintendent out there, he wanted us to leave him with something to work with, for now,,..anyway,..when we left site today, came here, piddled,..crashed.

I had previously been putting together a drawing, combining the previous job with the current one, there's some things that had changed, but to better show what we shot, we wanted the linework to come in, well, I didn't have all that loaded on this computer, it's been a while since I actually set up a new computer that was capable of taking the data from "field to finish" as they say, and I didn't load one part of that. It's a pretty important piece, and sometimes it's a little geeky to set up,..I was just trying to get this one set up to import the points, mostly, didn't really think about trying to start the drawing while I was here, however, sent all the data back to the office yesterday and today,..well,.it seems the coordinates here are different enough that our program, made for the coordinate system in Tennessee just wouldn't work for it. So, even if I had that part of it, would be challenging to make it work,...we have a fix, and my office manager did that, but sent it back to me on a different coordinate system altogether, anyway,..grrr,..


SquirrelQueen said...

Hey, even SQ uses copy/paste from time to time.