Sunday, April 12, 2009

Coalition of Owners


Survivor GLB: Axis of Power, was the brainchild of thechief58831 (username) and mine, back in Season 4, I think it was,..banner click above for the website I made back then,'s still there, but the website never really got the play that I was looking for,. but if you're interested in Goallineblitz, that site, the home page, will show you just a few of the things, on a cursory glance, that we're involved with doing in there. That was my second website that I made, and the better effort, at that time, than my Voodoo site, I think, and I just like the look of it.

Alright then,.. if you want to see it, here's also the link, in case you're just not paying attention, and need it handed to you,.. lol,..

Survivor GLB: Axis of Power