Saturday, April 11, 2009

Embassy Suites Nashville-Airport

Finally landed a decent sized job, well, I didn't, but my boss did,..and we went and got it shot in today,'s been a little while since I used to do these type jobs on a regular basis, lately, we had been working pretty much exclusively in the woods off Nolensville Road, there. Well, today was a totally different animal. The Embassy Suites, out by the Airport, in Century City, I guess it's called,..banner above,..of course, will take you to their website,..I think that's so neat, that my site is entirely, (almost) clickable,.. just about everything you click will take you somewhere else,.. My Santiago Voodoo site is like that, too,.. my other site there, is even better, about that later,..

So,.. yeah,.lol,.see how I get,.easily sidetracked sometimes,. but not on the job,.. we got the whole site done today, and we had a big time. Our Office Coordinator even came out and located corners for us, as he lives close here, and he's needed a day in the field, he just had some surgery on his foot, and needs to get walking on it,..well, he got his walking in today. I had to go to the bathroom at one point, and I needed a bit of a break, 'cause a site like that, it's all asphalt and concrete, mostly, and if you've been walking in the woods for several days, you're feet and ankles and back are just not used to it. So, he had found the corners for us while we were shooting the site, and then he did the parking space count, oh, and he also went and got us lunch. It was a bit cool today, so I suggested we go inside and eat in the lobby. It was very nice, had a little area with tables and stuff. The reason I had suggested that was I had just gone thru there, thru the heated pool area to get to the patio out there to get that shot in,..and it felt delicious, did I say it was a little cool today? Enough that when I walked thru the pool, I wanted to stay in there for a few minutes. So, by the time I got finished with the patio, he was back with our lunch, and we all went in and sat down and ate.

You see how these walls of text start,. I seriously have verbosity issues,..

So, bottom line, after lunch, we got back to it, for another couple of hours, and by that time, he had all the parking spaces counted, and had investigated and found a drainage line we needed to located across the property. That's when I had to get me a break, and David, that's our office guy, he wanted to "stick" (remember we talked about the stick being the pen) a little while, anyway, because it's just been a while since he had been in the field,..he and I used to work together, exclusively, and we always cut up and have a big time, I think sometimes he misses me,.. lol,..

Okay, so, by the time I drove down to the store, and back, I kind of took my time, not really, store wasn't that far,.. time I got back, he was limping pretty bad. I told him he needed to run the gun at that point, it's hard work walking on asphalt, especially after a surgery, it's been a little while, and he's been thru his PT and everything,.. and he only did like 5-10 minutes of walking around, but he had been out there all day with us, and climbed a couple of little hills on either side of the site,..I climbed the first one, but he wanted to do the corners, so, we had split up at that point.

All that to say, he ran the gun for a little while longer, then we let him go on home. We were pretty close to being done anyway, had about another hour or so. One thing I forgot to mention, the hotel there, very nice inside, and out, but that has GOT to be the loudest site, outside that hotel, that I've been on in a while. Notwithstanding the planes flying over every now and again, they've got these huge refrigeration units, that just seemed to be screaming every time we had to get close to them. We don't have earphone radios, but that site might have required some, I think my ears are still ringing.

Going to a Marine Base North of Atlanta next Week,..more later.